Love Transfusion is a messaging and resource service designed to help individuals in need. The sad fact is that every day people all around us are waging their own private war with fear, pain and loneliness. The list includes but is certainly not limited to shut-ins, disabled, elderly, military personnel and those who have lost loved ones. Millions more are fighting devastating physical or mental illness.

Love Transfusion, Inc. was founded by a group of people who have experienced some of life’s darkest moment’s first-hand… and want to help others in their time of need.

What makes Love Transfusion unique?

Although there are a few sites designed to keep friends and loved ones informed of an individual’s medical situation, none effectively provide a means of communicating love and support back to the person or family in need. Studies have shown that patients who feel love and support heal more quickly. The same can be said for individuals facing virtually any difficult situation.

Love Transfusion is about people helping people. We believe the most important things in life are relationships. If we can facilitate those relationships, serve as a conduit between those in need and those who care… together we can help each other through even the most difficult times.

Love Transfusion is private – We give users full control over the amount of information they share… and with whom they share it. Recipients can manage details of their situation with privacy settings, thereby allowing those closest to them greater access, yet still provide some limited information for even complete strangers who wish to express support.

Love Transfusion is free – There is no cost to use the service. A website can be set-up for you or a loved one in a matter of minutes.

Love Transfusion is easy – Anyone with an Internet connection can use it.

Love Transfusion recommends quality resources – We have trained professionals on staff who research and recommend the best resources for each individual’s specific needs.