“Spent some time this morning getting a clearer understanding about this Love Transfusion program. IT IS WONDERFUL!!! What a great idea! There is such a HUGE need for this… It’s a lonely and scary road out there for so many. What a HUGE difference this could make in so many lives.”
Debbie O. – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


“Thank you Love Transfusion. You gave me the little hope I needed when I wanted to lose hope. Thank you.”
Natasha G. – El Paso, Texas


“Love Transfusion is Amazing! Thank you so much for support for me and my family… so happy got smile on face. Thank you thank you thank you thank you… love you all”
Abigail K. – Darlington, United Kingdom


“Love transfusion!! You are awesome!!!! Went on your facepage & seen all the people just wanting a kind word!!! Thank you!!!!”
Adalee H. – Milan, MO


“I love what you all do! You give people hope & love & let them know that people really do care, in this crazy mixed up world!! Thank You for all your beautiful posts! They help me through my daily life, that’s for sure! God Bless You All!!!!!”
Diane G. – Texas


“Thank you for doing this for my Mom! You have no idea what this means to me! Also to able to show her that she has support all over the place and she not alone! This means everything! Thank You!”
Wendy O. – Utah


“Thank you all so much. I showed Nicholas the post and he was so happy. He was smiling from ear to ear. Thank you for that.”
Elizabeth B. – Deltona, FL


“I love this site as it will give me a chance to pray for others that are going thru rough times with family members!  Awesome of you to have this site!”
Kathy P. – Ohio


“Your support was so uplifting for us and it really helped lift our spirits through a very (at the time) soul-destroying moment in our lives…”
Raewyn C. – Auckland, New Zealand


“Thank you so very much Love Transfusion! This means so much to us!”
Sharon B. – Valencia, Spain


“I want to thank Love Transfusion for sharing my daughter’s story with all of your followers. The outpouring of prayers and love that she has gotten today has touched our hearts so much.”
Kimberly A. – Spartanburg, South Carolina


“How truly touching. Thank you everyone for such beautiful words & support!”
Danniella D. – Perth, Australia


“So overwhelmed by the out pouring of love and prayers we have received after Love Transfusion shared my page.”
Carol C. – Federalsburg, MD


“I just wanted to let you all know that this is amazing what you do. I would never have imagined that this was as good and helpful as it is. Thank you so much for getting people’s stories out and read, because as people, I think we’re getting too caught up in the world and not focusing on what’s really important. So again I thank you for your time.”
Monique H. – Calumet Park, Illinois


“Thank you for so much for the love and support, means a lot to me & my family.”
Betty M. – Missouri


“We can not thank enough Love Transfusion for hosting our story. Thank you for being our voice and helping us reach out supporters all over the world.”
Aleksander B. – Zakarpats’ka Oblast, Ukraine


“Thank you for your page to assist families with tragedies and triumphs… it feels good to be loved.”
Janet E. – Warren, Michigan


“Thank you all so much for the prayers and sweet words of encouragement for my sister.”
Kristal R. – Austin, Texas


“Thank you for reaching out to us. You exemplify the Samaritan that stopped to help.”
Branndon F.


“THANK YOU!! It meant so much to our family to see so many people care and wish my son a happy birthday. He is an amazing little man and has come so far. We wish each and everyone many many blessings; because, we have been truely blessed.”
Deidi P.


“Your site is absolutely wonderful and I only wish I had found it sooner. Thank you for what you do and God Bless!”
Lisa M. – Kansas City, Missouri


“My Heartfelt Thanks to ALL at Love Transfusion, I am really grateful to ALL and to all the Lovely People that have left messages, it really means a lot to know so many people care, my love to All.”
Bethanie – London, England


“I love my buddies at Love Transfusion! They know how to make my day.”
Jimmie R. – Beaumont, TX


“Just writing to let you know you have a wonderful page. It is a fantastic idea, and gives people hope and to let people know that there are people who care… I am truly amazing by all of the support. I have 6 months of treatment left after battling leukemia. It has been one long ride and I am getting there…Your page gave me hope knowing there are people around the world that care. Thank you for such a wonderful peace of mind and support. Knowing I’m not alone.”
Lauren J. – Queensland, Australia


“I thank you all very much… The outpouring of prayers to me on Love Transfusion has meant a whole lot to me.”
Brian D. – North Vernon, Indiana


“Thank you all so much for your prayers and your beautiful comments! I have tears running down my face right now after reading all of your words of love and support! This is a perfect page to share love and prayers for those in need… So beautiful!”
Maggie M. – Marmora, New Jersey


“Your page helps me with my illness… I thank you for that! You are a blessing to so many more than you probably will ever know!”
DeDe W. – Urbana, Illinois


“Thank you soo much for sharing my story, it turned out beautiful! I am full of tears right now… God Bless you”
Dawn S.


“We just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing my daughter’s story, and connecting us with so many prayer warriors and kind people. What you have done is a true gift to me. I (her mom) am reading every comment, in happy tears that so many people care enough to write something and share her story. But your page, is and will always be, in our hearts. God bless YOU!”
Cassey H. – Virginia


“I just want to thank everyone for their encouragement, thoughts and prayers!! It truly means a lot.”
Heather R.


“God Bless you and what you have done for me to spread my journey and awareness!!! I just clicked on the link and read everyones comments!! I can’t thank you enough to have done this for me!”
Cindie R.


“Thank you Love Transfusion for all you are doing for families.”
Kris P. – Quartz Hill, CA


“Thank you for sharing my story, and thank you everyon again for the kind words.”
Claire H. – United Kingdom


“I am so very blessed to have Love Transfusion Inc. on my fb page. I realize each and every day is a day to be thankful and to take time to bless others. Blessings to the ones who have made this possible. I will continue to pray for you also.”
Peggy Sue D.


“I Absolutely Love what you are doing!!! Thank you so much.”
Katie S. – Riverside, Rhode Island


“Wow… what can I say other than thank you to those behind the scenes on this page. Finding this page & discovering the amazing vision & love that is here has truly touched my heart & I willl keep you, the kids & the families in my prayers. God Bless you all.”
Rachel G. – Melbourne, Australia


“My heart rejoices as I read all of your heartwarming messages and prayers for my nephew. On behalf of our family, we thank all of you and may God bless you.”
Mai C. – Hollister, California


“Thanks to each and everyone for making my son feel so special.”
Lisa G. – Yeehaw Junction, Florida


“I am amazed by all the outpouring of love, prayers, support, shares and likes. Thank you everyone for the support. That’s so sweet of you to share my son’s page. You are so sweet.”
Erica C. – New York


“Thank you to all of you who pray for my grandson and his family… thank you for the tremendous support you extended, we will be forever grateful to all of you.”
Marie N. – Albay, Philippines


“Your Website Is Wonderful & Blessed! Love & Prayers To You All! Thank U 4 Making Us All Aware! God Bless You!”
Tina W. – South Carolina


“I would like to thank Love Transfusion for telling my son’s story and thank everyone that is praying for him. It means so much to me. Thank you and God bless.”
Melissa S. – Murietta, California


“Thanks for all you do! Prayers for support & resources! Neat work you do!”
Sheila M.


“Thank you for this page dedicated to helping others who are sick and in need of prayer and encouragement.”
Greg H. – Pigeon Forge, TN


“Love Transfusion and our Facebook page has changed our life! We so want to thank each and every one of you! Love Transfusion and our Facebook page is my family’s refuge. I never thought that the kindness of strangers could mean as much as it does to us. Thank you with all our heart and soul. You truly are amazing people! …May God bless you all many more times than you have given us!!”
Jeannette H. – Philadelphia, PA


“Thank you Love Transfusion for helping us get Blake’s story out there.”
Cortney L. – Griffith, IN


“Thank you everyone here at Love Transfusions for all the love and support you’ve given us today. We are speechless by this outpouring. It is a dream come true having all these amazing people praying for sweet baby.”
Doreen F. – Morrisville, PA


“Thank you for the awesome support!”
Alex R. – Orlando, Florida


“Thank you, Love Transfusion, for sharing. Thank you, everyone, for liking and sharing this and for your prayers and messages of love. These are an encouragement…”
Connie Y. – Shelby, NC


“I thank you and all the people involved with Love Transfusion for creating such a wonderful cause. Its a great thing to know that so many people that you have never met care so much. You’re all amazing!”
Krystina L. – Florida


“Thank you all so very very much for the sweet comments and prayers. I love the love that you all have for my sweet son!”
Melissa D. – Las Vegas, NV


“This is so awesome! Great ministry.”
Larry B. – Gainesville, GA


“What an awesome page! Great idea… reaching out to others, just to support them! You’re doing such a great thing!”
Marnie C.


“Thank you deeply for putting this together It brought tears of joy to know so many more will pray for my Dad.”
Michelle C. – Worcester, MA


“Thank you so much! Because of Love Transfusion I reached my goal! I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing.”
Emma – Thiensville, WI


“This Organization is truly amazing, what a wonderful way to help spread so much love and positivity in large amounts 🙂 Thank you for bringing so many struggles to light for support. It is so nice to see facebook used in such a positive way!”
Alika L.


“Thank you so much Love Transfusion for sharing this story, it really is inspiring. You do all you can to help others in the same boat you were in or worse, and I thank God for people like you daily.”
Chrissie Y. – Amsterdam, Ohio


“Your page is great and love it. Thanks for sharing all these great pages.”
Tami K. – Spokane Valley, Washington


“I am so touched by your story and all the stories that you post of the different families and what they go through. I would like to personally thank you for all the time and effort you guys put into this page. It helps people remember tragedy can affect us all no matter race, gender, or social status. Again thank you.”
Patricia T.


“What an incredibly beautiful and inspiring concept and mission! Thank you for all of the good that you do and the healing you are helping to bring. WOW! I’m very moved :). My love and prayers are with all of these incredible people!”
Gemini R. – Winter Haven, Florida


“Was feeling sorry for myself – again – when I came across your wonderful site. And quickly realized that none of us is so alone that we can’t reach out to and pray for one another in love and human kindness. Thanks so much for being.”
Ann B. – Winchester, Ontario


“My son’s page on Love Transfusion has reached over 10,000 likes, and over 1,000 comments, and 2,000 shares! We are so happy and excited for him! We’ve had people from all around the world sending him prayers, love, and birthday wishes. I’m so happy for him that it brings me to tears… Thank you, Love Transfusion!”
Trisha K. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA


“What an amazzzing site you have, thank you for creating it!”
Gabriela V. – Coconut Creek, FL


“What an incredibly beautiful name~ “Love Transfusion”. I just stumbled into it today and have read a number of stories and the tears can’t stop pouring. I have taken so much for granted! Reading the stories of all these lovely people (children not spared), has given me a rethink. I complain over the simplest of things, meanwhile all these courageous people want is good health. I PRAY to God for divine healing. I thank each and everyone of them (including you Kevin the founder) for the oportunity to change certain things in my life and to thank God that I am healthy. With love being transfused here, MIRACLES will happen…”
Evelyn O. – Texas


“I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Love transfusion has helped get [my niece’s] story out there and helped her [Facebook page] grow and the outpour of prayers and thoughts have been overwhelming! I love each and everyone of y’all and what you do for these children and their families! God bless!”
Stacey B. – Arkansas


“Oh wow, you guys have made our night, week, month [my daughter] is so excited… she is absolutely over the moon thank you. for your love and prayers and well wishes… thank you so very much Love Transfusion.”
Natalie S. – Queensland, Australia


“Just wanted to stop in and say hello and what a great page this is! As someone who was born with serious health issues and has dealt with it my entire life, it is wonderful to see this positive and caring addition to FB.”
Romy M. – Virginia


“Thank you so much for everything you do, not only for us, but for other families going through these types of things. It means the world to me and all the prayers are giving me hope that she will improve…”
Cassandra W. – Holiday, FL


“Thank you for providing this wonderful way of spreading love and support to those who need it the most.”
Ally R.


“Thank you so much for what you do and getting the word out there for those who are in need of prayers and good thoughts. It makes a huge different to know that people care it it makes my son smile to know how many people care about what he is going through.”
Amber F. – Cheyenne, Wyoming


“I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the kind and beautiful words of moral support and prayer for my son! That mean’s more to me then you will ever know!”
Laurie P. – Lincoln, NE


“As a mother of four, two of wich have Cerebral Palsy, I am so grateful to find this page :). Seeing all the brave and strong people on this page gives me more strength and hope! God Bless you all.”
Ashley L. – Michigan


“Hey guys i just want to let you know that this page is so amazing and best thing I have found on Facebook.”
Rachel D. – Wollongong, New South Wales


“What a wonderful site! It’s so uplifting to see how people can be so giving of their best wishes and prays! God bless all those who are suffering and their loved ones.”
Karla C. – Gunnison, Colorado


“This organization is amazing!! Thank you for giving people a place to come and voice their struggles, and giving others a place to come and find very real people to pray for. The more prayers, the better.”
Katrina B. – Visalia, California


“Thank you all So very much, for all you do every day. I have many many friends battling…. including one who’s only seven…. and I just want to let you know, you are APPRECIATED by many.”
TL – Olympia, Washington


“This is a wonderful page for everybody to come together and know that whatever illness or loss people are dealing with that they are not alone.”
Veronica B. – Ontario, Canada


“Hello Love Transfusion, I love your organization….what a BLESSING!!! Thanks for spreading the Love.”
Linda R. – Houston, Texas


“Can honestly say I love this page. Just few words of wisdom, love and support can go a long way! & it just goes to show how many people can help one person. Love and hope can be key to a child’s sufferance. I never fail to go past one of these pictures and like or comment on the picture. just to know that many people are behind you can mean a whole difference to someones way of thinking! God bless these people! And what a fantastic idea for a page!”
Hannah L. – Cardiff, England


“Love your page, may our Lord bless you and bless your work… Not all angels have wings.”
Faith A.


“My family and I are so blessed to have come across this site and read all of the kind words and prayers from their followers. This is truly amazing and my family and I read through all of the comments and looked at all of the likes this post got us. Completely in Amazement.”
Keri G. – Iowa


“This is a fantastic non-profit. I have not found one better online.”
Em O. – South Carolina


“I just truly love all the work you have done with Love Transfusion. You set a wonderful example for so many and have given a lot of people a way to reach out to help others. I think so many would like to help but just aren’t sure how. You have made it so very easy to reach the people that need it the most.”
Pamela E. – Newark, Delaware


“What a great organization!”
Michael L.


“What a lovely page you have. Thank you from a parent who has lost a child for thinking of those that need it the at the most difficult of times. It can take just a second to send a message to someone but the impact can last a life time. Thanks.”
Belinda T. – Melbourne, Australia


“If only I could recall the day I found this page. It has taken me on an extremely unexpected journey. Saying, “Thanks” wouldn’t come close to being enough to showing my appreciation/gratitude. Much love to you, Love Transfusion, you give Facebook much needed substance, “Thanks again””
L. Rose – Arkansas, United States


“I’d just like to say a very, very big thank you to you for doing a post about my nephew. My sister and myself have sat down and read each and every one of the messages of hope that have been posted and we have both been in tears at the amount of love and good wishes coming his way because of this post. I am very proud to be part of the Love Transfusion community and thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart.”
Sharon W.- Manchester, UK


“I love Love Transfusion so much! I am beyond touched!!! No one has ever caused me to feel so appreciated. Thank you from my heart….just thank you!! Love Transfusion has made such a difference in my life.”
Linda A. – Tyler, Texas

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